Our History

In 1996 Maybo secured its first client, a UK based organisation supporting individuals with learning disabilities, and a valued client to this day. Since then Maybo has made a genuine contribution to the development of international standards in violence reduction and conflict management training, consistently raising the bar in training provision and supporting charitable organisations and volunteers that face risk when trying to help others.

To spread the benefits of its leading conflict management training further afield, Maybo opened an office in South Australia in 2007. The training model travelled well, exceeding expectations and in Januiary 2012 we opened a second Australian office in Sydney, to take advantage of the bigger population in New South Wales and to be closer the Eastern states of Queensland and Victoria.

Most recently our Australian team has extended into New Zealand.

The pattern of business has differed slightly from the UK with healthcare, learning disabilities and aged care being very prominent and security less so, but the aims remain the same; to build relationships and work with others to develop and continually improve the training available, to resolve conflict in the workplace and create safer environments for staff and service users. 

Leading role in the UK

  • Designed the first stand-alone, nationally accredited suite of qualifications in conflict management and physical intervention for end users and for trainers

  • Helped government agencies including healthcare, retail and security regulators to develop competency requirements and employer best practice guidance
  • Designed and deliver IOSH’s popular ‘Managing the Tough Stuff’ programme
  • Developed national qualifications with BIIAB for the licensed retail sector and won the 2011 Scottish training award
  • Authored the Butterworths-Tolley handbook on the management of work related violence (WRV)
  • Major contribution to the design of the first National Occupational Standards tackling WRV
  • Representation on the Steering Group of the European Network for Training in the Management of Aggression (ENTMA)
  • Advisor to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) on training requirements for licences, including physical intervention training
  • Chosen partner of the British Retail Consortium for the 'Trouble in Store' national training initiative
  • Direct support to City Safe and the Princes Trust in providing support and training to young people in dealing with conflict and risk

Proven results

  • Extensive statistical evidence from delegate feedback on all courses
  • Post course data on workplace evaluation validated by external sources
  • Case study research demonstrating reduction in injuries to staff and service users, and in the use of restrictive practice