”All Cats have Asperger Syndrome"

Last night my 7 year old son brought home a book he had borrowed from his school library; ”All Cats have Asperger Syndrome" by Kathy Hoopman.  I asked him why he picked it and he said he could not understand what the title meant so he wanted to bring it home and read it with me. He also liked the look of all the photographs as he is keen to get a pet of his own!

As we read, we chatted about the different behaviours that the cats may display and the feelings they may have.  Immediately it struck him that he knew a few boys who behaved in a similar way.  He talked about how a few would only focus on one topic and then constantly repeat the same information.  He also noticed that at times, one boy would get very noisy and "throw a tantrum" if things in the day changed because he didn't like it. We then talked about how these boys may not always behave in the same way as most of the class, and how they might not get included at play time, but how it is important to offer to be included, as well as "respect their personal bubble" (my son's words not mine)

This was my 7 year old displaying the wisdom that many adults seem to forget in the heat of the fray. Respecting others personal space is something that we at Maybo refer to, as well as the importance of understanding the reasons (Functionality) for the behaviour that someone is using. Increasing understanding of someone’s difficulties helps us to develop strategies to manage and deal with that person in positive ways (Positive Behaviour Support). 

This little story also highlights the importance of catching them young. If a child learns about different disabilities at an early age they don’t become an issue to them in later life, it becomes part of the norm rather than the exception that stands out. 

Lorraine Harvey 
Head of Training








Posted by Maybo on February 29, 2016



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