Communication is important to maintain and enhance relationships

This week I was lucky enough to support “Reading Group” for my son’s class at school.  Like many schools, there is a focus on developing social skills and I was struck by one poster the teacher had written up and posted on the classroom wall that read: “Communication is important to maintain and enhance relationships”.

In our conflict management training, we spend time focusing on the importance of ensuring good communication.   We explore how poor communication can cause barriers and blocks that lead to confusion and distress, feelings of frustration and anger.  At times, in any work or social setting, this can lead to behaviours that we all find difficult to manage. It is essential to us as human beings to be listened to and feel valued regardless of our personal circumstances. 

I am so impressed that in schools they teach the value of good communication.  As adults, we would all do well to be reminded of the importance of building, maintaining and enhancing positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and customers.

By Lorraine Harvey, Head of Training, Maybo Australia




Posted by Maybo on January 9, 2018