Maybo Training: Positive and Safer Dementia Care

With over 400,000 Australians living with dementia and the potential for this to double by the year 2056, Maybo recognises the increasing need to create safe environments for service users, their carers and the staff who care for them.

Services striving to provide person-centred care for people with dementia recognise that distressed and challenging behaviours, including turbulent behaviour, frequently occur in response to unmet needs. Many of these behaviours can be prevented by developing and applying individual care plans, improving relationships and communication with family members, service-user engagement and modifying the physical environment. However, even with the best planning and care, staff will find themselves managing difficult situations whilst they strive to gain an understanding of an unmet need.

Bridging the Gap

Maybo's approach to 'bridge the gap' between an individual's current behaviours and a more positive, safer behaviour profile focuses on meeting currently unmet needs through building staff understanding and enabling person-centred care planning and behaviour management. 

Positively changing an individual's behaviour profile presents complex and difficult choices; we don’t want to engender the notion that harm is deliberate, but incidents of harm to staff do happen and there are effective, person-centred approaches that can significantly reduce this risk. 

A survey published in The Journal of Nursing Administration found that 36% of Nurses in Aged Care facilities in Australia reported being physically assaulted by a resident or family member in the past five shifts (Rodwell & Demir 2014). Increases in injuries to staff in Aged Care  services has lead WorkSafe WA to begin "a proactive inspection program examining the management of occupational safety and health risks in community-based disability and aged care assistance services".

The Training Challenge

The key question for Aged Care providers is "what training should we provide our staff that will fit with the practical elements of the role whilst enabling staff to deliver value-based care in a person-centred way?"

Clearly equipping staff with self-defence skills does not fit, it brings into play that it is just about self and has little or no consideration for the person you are caring for.

Maybo has developed a training programme that picks up the early signs of risk, managing-self and understanding your own confusion on what a person’s needs are. It includes, low level physical skills on guiding & redirection, managing powerful grabs, giving good personal care safely on a bed and removing oneself if needed from situations of risk.

Maybo approaches its training programmes with the utmost due diligence. Our physical skills are put through rigorous, independent medical and biomechanical tests to assess and minimise injury potential to staff and services users, giving you the confidence you are working with the utmost oversight should you need it.

Our clients’ operational and financial constraints means we are not always blessed with capacity to train all staff in a conventional way, which is why we offer a blended approach combining engaging elearning, face-to-face training, ebooks, and a modular approach, giving the flexibility necessart to provide all staff with the training they need in a sustainable and affordable way that minimises abstraction and operational impact.

The values underpinning all Maybo training include:

  • A person-centred approach, focusing on the individual needs of each service user
  • Based on caring values that promote respect for the individual and a reduction of conflict and challenging behaviour through developing positive behavioural supports, interactions and relationships
  • Relevance to the service users that staff support
  • Utilising a proven framework to enable staff to effectively communicate, validate, acknowledge emotions, provide reassurance and engage in appropriate activity
  • Focused on non-restrictive practices, safer for both service users and staff
  • Complies with legislation and applies best practice

Contact us today to learn how Maybo Training can help you reduce risk for both staff and service users and enhance the care you provide. 



Posted by Maybo on October 16, 2017