Three ways Maybo will help you meet needs of the National Quality and Safeguarding Framework

Maybo training meets the needs of the NDIS National Quality and Safeguarding Framework and the National Framework for Reducing and Eliminating the Use of Restrictive Practices in the Disability Service Sector in the following ways:

1. Person Centred Focus

The frameworks place a strong emphasis on the "development and regular review of individual/behaviour support plans (including strategies for de-escalation and ensuring the safety of the person, staff and others) that are based on valid and evidence-based risk assessments", and the "availability of these tools to assist people with disability and their guardians or advocates to participate in decision making". 

Our pioneering online Individual Behaviour Planning tool is designed to support the planning and communication of alternatives to physical intervention and to promote safer and less aversive methods. Where these are required on an individual service user basis, it promotes consultation with staff, service users, families and advocates facilitated by the PBS lead, supported by an appropriately Maybo-certified trainer. 

Maybo also provides all commissioning organisations with online tools to support the training needs analysis process in relation to the behaviour profile of specific individuals. We have developed the last section of the example TNA tool attached as an individual profile which makes it easier to consult and share with internal and external stakeholders pre training, and informs the trainer's delivery.

2. Use of Data to Inform Practice

"Following the unanticipated or emergency use of a restrictive practice, an immediate “post event” debriefing should be completed on site led by the appropriate senior staff member on duty."

Maybo's online Incident Review Tool will help you meet this requirement and collect "data at a service unit and/or organisational level to inform and improve future practice" and "feed back into the support of people with disability, including into risk assessments and service review". 

3. Workforce Development Training

A primary theme of the Framework is the "good evidence to show that disability support staff who understand positive behaviour support, functional behaviour assessment as well as a focus on skills for trauma informed care, risk assessment, de-escalation, and restrictive practice alternatives are able to provide good support and reduce their use of restrictive practices to people who have complex needs".

"The NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework will include a legislative framework which:

  • sets competency standards for practitioners who will undertake positive behaviour support assessments, develop positive behaviour support plans, and provide positive behaviour support advice and training to underscore the implementation of these plans"

Care Providers / Practitioners will be required to "provide specialist advice and training in behaviour support to staff (and families) responsible for implementing the strategies contained in the positive behaviour support plan".

Maybo's training curriculum meets these all needs:

Positive Behaviour Support Training

The Maybo Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) programmes have been carefully designed for staff working in settings where there is an ongoing relationship with people who may present behaviours that challenge.

Suitable for those supporting people within services such as residential care or educational settings who may be described as having learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), mental health problems, social emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) or other special educational needs, our programmes can also be tailored for families and family carers.

We provide four programmes of typically 3-4 hours duration each that can be delivered in a modular format at different levels based on staff role and function, from support worker inductions to senior roles developing and overseeing care plans. We integrate your organisational case studies and care planning tools wherever possible to promote relevance and transfer.

The four core programmes are:

Module 1 - An Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)  

Module 2 - Understanding Human Behaviour

Module 3 - Supporting People with Complex Behavioural Needs

Module 4 - A Human Rights Approach to Promoting Positive Support and Reducing Restrictive Practices

Managing Challenging Behaviour Training

Maybo continues to be the benchmark for person-centred challenging behaviour training. Over 5,000 carers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK complete a Maybo training programme every month. Our programmes are written by challenging behaviour experts in a team that has led the development of national qualifications and competency standards in the UK.

The five core modules are:

Module 1 - Recognise and Reduce Risk in Care Settings

Module 2 - Understanding Human Behaviour

Module 3 - Positive Interactions and Choices

Module 4 - Defuse, Calm and Resolve

Module 5 - Personal Safety Awareness

Each programme is based on a consistent core set of outcomes and principles that ensure every learner receives the fundamentals of good practice in person centred approaches. Once the level of training programme has been identified through the TNA and behavioural assessment process we further tailor courses by:

  • Integrating key organisational policy, guidance and messages

  • Selecting scenarios and case studies most relevant to the Service and needs of its service users and staff

Person Centred Physical Intervention Training

Sometimes staff need to respond to risk situations and we provide knowledge, understanding, skills and practical strategies to do so in a professional manner.

In some settings physical interventions need to be taught to ensure everyone stays safe in a crisis. Maybo has developed highly effective, low arousal physical intervention skills that are appropriate for use in care settings as a last resort. Our approach helps reduce risks to everyone concerned and focuses on alternatives to force and choosing the least restrictive option when needed. We guide organisations and their staff on how to reduce restrictive practices i.e. not just how to hold more safely.

By building staff confidence and competence in how to prevent and safely manage challenging situations, quality of care and life can be improved and risks to staff and service users minimised. 

Click here for Maybo’s four principles of effective training.

Our specialist care team, led by a registered mental health nurse, is on hand to help you to develop violence reduction strategies that will deliver consistent core messages, with the flexibility to adapt to specific situations and environments. 

Maybo’s physical intervention programmes are BILD Accredited in the UK.

Flexible learning 

Our range of learning solutions allows you to respond to the needs of your staff and service users within organisational constraints, such as budget, staffing levels and operational policies and procedures. Our eLearning, trainer training, coaching and problem solving models, supported with high quality resources, will enable your staff to more safely manage behaviours that challenge and reduce or eliminate restraint wherever possible.  

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Posted by Maybo on June 9, 2017