September 9, 2016

A new survey by Social Care Ireland shows 90% of social care workers have experienced violence in the workplace.

Social Care Ireland has carried out research which also shows that 75% experienced physical assaults and 18% reported it was on a daily or weekly basis.

73% witnessed aggressive behaviour, 70% experienced verbal abuse, and 60% were threatened weekly or more often in their workplace.

61% of respondents said that their employer “sees violence as an acceptable part of their job”.

The authors of the report say that organisations “must prevent a culture of violence from developing in social care”.

However, they also stress that “aggressive or violent behaviour must be distinguished from what is often termed ‘challenging’ behaviour, to ensure developing violent situations are recognised and appropriate early intervention strategies are employed”.

Social Care Ireland – which is launched the report this week – says "the situation means the most vulnerable are not getting the vital services they need".