January 16, 2014

Aggression Towards Hospital Staff Increasing

The Salisbury Journal obtained figures in a Freedom of Information request that reveal security staff were called to the Salisbury District Hospital Emergency Department on 46 occasions last year, compared with 22 times in 2011/2012 and eight times in 2010/2011. Police had to attend seven of the 46 incidents.

Physical abuse of staff by patients, or someone accompanying a patient, went up from six incidents in 2010/2011 to 15 last year, while over the same period, incidents of verbal abuse increased from 16 to 29.

Hospital bosses say that improved reporting of all incidents of physical assault and verbal abuse accounts for the increase in numbers. A spokesman said, "The figures need to seen in the context of 43,000 visits to the accident and emergency department last year They also included incidents of aggression from patients who were not responsible for their actions because of their medical conditions."