December 3, 2015

Almost Half of School Principals Have Been Threatened with Violence

Over 40 per cent of school heads have been threatened with violence and one in three report they have been physically attacked, according to the results of a five year Australian Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey conducted by the Australia Catholic University.

Almost 4,400 principals were interviewed for the national study which paints an alarming picture of the levels of aggression experienced by head teachers.

Parents were found to be the instigators of most of the bullying and threats with 42% of principals saying they had been bullied by parents and 41% threatened, whilst students were responsible for the majority of assaults (77%).

Figures in SA bucked the national trend showing a drop on the past year. However, 37 per cent of principals were threatened with violence, 24 per cent experienced some form of physical violence and more than a third have experienced bullying.

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