February 18, 2015

Assaults on Nurses in ACT Mental Health Unit Continue

Recent data on the ACT Mental Health Unit has revealed that in the past year 37 workers were threatened verbally or physically and 57 were assaulted.

The levels of workplace violence have led to 17 staff taking time off work due to workplace injury and the Union lodging 19 critical incidents. 

Nurses at Canberra's Mental Health Unit continue to face physical and verbal abuse from patients, with Union members lodging 19 critical incidents since October.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation secretary Jenny Miragaya, said assaults remained a key challenge for staff in the Mental Health Unit, with many reportedly stressed by the nature of their work.

The situation at the Unit has been ongoing and in July a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) was issued requiring the unit to either increase staffing levels or close beds. An additional member of staff has been assigned to the Unit, who remains in place even though the Notice expired in October.