September 15, 2014

Attacks on Five Hospital Staff in One Day 

WIDE Bay Hospital and Health Service chief executive Adrian Pennington has issued a warning to people who attack and threaten staff that they will be pursued through the courts after a day in which five employees were allegedly assaulted.

A registered nurse in the Mental Health Unit in Maryborough and a security guard in Bundaberg Hospital both ended up in emergency after alleged attacks by a family member and a patient.

The nurse was treated for facial injuries inflicted by a patient's alleged coward punch and Maryborough police are investigating.

The Bundaberg security guard suffered suspected broken ribs after allegedly being struck by a relative of a patient.

A second security guard in Bundaberg was treated for back strain after trying to restrain a patient and a nurse was man-handled in related incidents.

In Hervey Bay Hospital, a nurse was threatened by two 12-year-olds who were later arrested by police on unrelated charges.

"It is totally unacceptable that WBHHS employees have to deal with violent, threatening behaviour in the workplace," Mr Pennington said.