April 2, 2014

 formal warning by the Care Quality Commission.

An inspection by the CQC in November, published this month, also said staff called a resident refusing food a ‘lazy mare’ and claimed that it failed to undertake a fire safety drill for nearly 12 months.

Findings reveal staff at the care home, which accommodates four people with physical and learning disabilities, used lap belts to restrain a resident in a wheelchair without holding a special meeting to decide on the individual’s best interests, meaning they were unlawfully restrained.

There was also inconsistent use of lap belts, putting residents at risk of injury, according to the report.

The CQC said staff overfilled a resident’s mouth with food because a spoon was too large, putting them at risk of coughing and choking.

A spokesperson for Radian said following the CQC’s report, the service had been re-inspected and that a draft report received this week showed it was fully compliant with the requirements of the CQC.