June 17, 2015

Children's Census Finds Verbal Abuse a Problem in New Zealand's Schools 

A recent survey of more than 18,000 New Zealand school children, aged from 5 to 13 reveals that verbal abuse is the biggest bullying problem children face at school. 

The CensusAtSchool project asked the participants 35 questions, including on how much of a problem different types of bullying were at their school.

The anonymous survey showed that 36 per cent believed that verbal abuse was a problem, while 31 per cent highlighted cyberbullying.

The Key facts:

Students thought that verbal bullying is more of a problem in high schools, with 39% of students saying it was an issue compared to 29% in primary schools. It was also more of a problem for girls in co-ed schools: 43% compared to 33% at same-sex schools.

Social or relational bullying was a problem for 25% of students.

Physical bullying was only a problem at their school for 19% of students.

Girls were more likely to say cyberbullying was a problem at school, 34% compared to 26% of boys.

Cyberbullies were not typical to gender with 69% saying they were made up of equal numbers of boys and girls.

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