April 30, 2012

CIPD report finds organisations slow to embrace modern training methods

It has emerged in a recent report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) that many employers are sticking with 'what they know' and using traditional, sometimes outdated, training methods and techniques when developing their staff.

The report states that only 17% of respondents plan to reduce their reliance on classroom and trainer-led delivery over the next two years, even though it has been shown to be less effective than newer training techniques. Just 16% of L&D professionals identified formal education courses and coaching by external practitioners as the most effective ways of delivering training and only 11% of respondents recognised e-learning as an effective learning method.

According to the CIPD/Cornerstone onDemand Learning and Talent Development Survey 2012, respondants identified the methods most likley to work for them as training that is integrated into the normal course of people's jobs. Just over half (52%) of respondents said that in-house development programmes were among the most effective ways of delivering training, while almost as many (46%) cited coaching by line managers, and four in 10 (9%) pointed towards on-the-job training.