September 8, 2014

College Failed to Minimise Violence Risks For Teacher

The state of Victoria has been ordered to pay $769,094 to a former teacher who endured threatening and abusive behaviour from 'feral' students.

'The Australian' reports that Peter Doulis blamed the stressful environment at Werribee Secondary College for his depressive condition, and suicidal thoughts that have prevented him working for seven years.

The State of Victoria was ordered by the Victorian Supreme Court to pay Mr Doulis for pain and suffering and lost wages.

Mr Doulis said he was given students who were 'impossible to teach' and that fights broke out in his classroom. On one occasion he was forced to discipline one boy who had burned another student with a flamethrower made from a deodorant can.

The College denied the allegations, but Justice Tim Ginnnane found the COllege failed to minimise the risk posed to Peter Doulis, stating,

 "It was reasonably foreseeable that Mr Doulis might suffer a recognised psychiatric injury because of his teaching allotment at the college and that the (State of Victoria) had a duty to take reasonable care to avoid that injury."


Managing Challenging Behaviour Trainng for Teachers 

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