July 15, 2016

Councils Take Action to Stem Increase in "Ranger Rage"

CCTV cameras and GPS tracking in ranger vehicles are the latest response from Councils to protect their staff from almost daily verbal abuse, threats and physical attacks in the course of their work.

Conflict management training and counselling are also being offered to support rangers. 

A survey by The West Australian of 23 of Perth’s 29 metropolitan councils found ranger abuse was a concern for most, particularly in fast-growing areas such as the cities of Armadale and Cockburn.

Physical attacks are rare but there have been incidents of rangers being driven at, pushed, grabbed and threatened.

Under reporting of verbal abuse is suspected with most reporting it as an almost daily occurence, particularly around schools, but only a few incidents being officially recorded.

It is hoped the new measures will act as a deterrent as well as enabling more incidents to be recorded.  

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