March 8, 2012

Incident Response Team Training Launched at Wembley and Twickenham

Conflict Incident Response training (CIR) is Maybo's new training programme, developed with the input and support of Integer and key stakeholders across the events world.The programme, launched last month at the national stadiums in Twickenham and Wembley, responds to the specific needs of Incident Response Teams operating at a range of events including

  • sports venues
  • music festivals
  • night venues
  • protest situations

It has been welcomed by Skills for Security and Skills Active and comes with a choice of accreditations including a new Level 3 Qualification for Incident Response Team members.

Security Operations Supervisor at RFU, Bob Fullbrook put his Response Teams through the training at Twickenham and reported “The training is highly relevant for this key role and the feedback has been excellent”.

Chris Fowles, Chief Steward at the Oval completed the trainer training and said “This course is spot on for response teams and the delivery resources are superb”.

CIRT fills a skills gap in this specialist stewarding and security role, evidenced during extensive consultation involving leading venues and event and crowd management companies. Incident response teams are taking on greater responsibility, as police numbers reduce at events, and have to operate in some challenging environments. Their actions are in full view and often on camera so a poor decision or heavy handed approach can trigger significant escalation placing staff and customers at risk.

Peter Swordy leads the Wembley Stadium Centre of Excellence and has been at the forefront of this initiative, he said “Our incident response teams play a critical role and when we deliver this training through our in house training team it will ensure those operating at Wembley continue to have the very best preparation”

The training helps response team members recognise factors that influence risks of violence in crowd situations and how to minimise these. It includes practical team methods for dealing with:

  • incursions
  • moving through crowds
  • escorting VIPs and vulnerable persons
  • dealing with challenging behaviour
  • performing safer ejections

Dynamic risk assessment, positive communications, calming skills and duty of care are continually re-enforced and demonstrated throughout the exercises.

Bill Fox of Maybo said “CIR training provides benefits at every level; event operators and employers ensure response teams have the knowledge and skills to operate professionally and safely in the public eye. Staff up-skill and are better positioned to secure stimulating work at events and to operate safely”.

Some of the UK’s leading event companies are set up to deliver the new CIR programme including Showsec, G4S, SecuriGroup and Show and Event.

Roy Wise, Training and Development Manager at Showsec has been a driver behind its introduction and said “We have worked with Maybo to develop the first specialist programme for incident response teams and it is a significant step forward in event safety”.

Brendan McGlinchey, Chief Operating Officer, Southampton Football Club was also involved from the concept stage and said “The Incident Response course will undoubtedly be a major benefit to all Crowd Safety Management Teams throughout the Events industry”.

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