October 22, 2014

Bus drivers face racial abuse and physical violence on a daily basis

A 'Don't Bash the Bus Driver' campaign has been lauched in areas across NSW in response to a survey that revealed over one third of the 300 bus drives who took part have been assaulted.

Almost 80 percent claimed they had been abused by passengers over timetables, which the Transport Workers' Union believe are unrealistic and have been produced as a result of competitive tendering. 

At a glance : The survey figures

The survey that questioned more than 300 NSW bus drivers found:

● 32% of drivers have been assaulted

● 33% of drivers have had a passenger assaulted on their bus

● 78% of drivers have been abused by passengers because of unrealistic timetables

● 33% have been spat on

● 31% have been racially abused

Maybo assault avoidance training

Training for the Transport Sector

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