February 28, 2017

Details of violent assaults on QLD school staff revealed 

Queensland teachers are being subjected to horrific abuse by violent students and parents, including being headbutted, bitten, kicked, spat on and attacked with weapons, according The Courier-Mail which claims to have obtained details of dozens of assaults against teachers under Right to Information laws. 

The Courier-Mail reports...

"According to the documents, two teachers, one working in the north coast region and another in Brisbane city, were sprayed in the face with classroom fire extinguishers.

"A teacher from a southeast Queensland state school was struck by a student with an iron bar to the left side of their face, while another teacher suffered lacerations after being stabbed by a student with a one-inch dress pin.

"The documents reveal teachers and principals are being subjected to death threats from students and parents, and students are using items like chairs, books and even whiteboards as weapons, hurling them at school staff.

"Education Minister Kate Jones last night said she planned to ramp up the Queensland government’s ‘Respect our Staff’ initiative, launching a social media campaign featuring messages from cricketer Ian Healy and adventurer Phil Breslin designed to encourage the community to show more respect to teachers.

" “I will not tolerate physical and verbal abuse of school staff,” Ms Jones said. “One claim attributed to an assault of a teacher is one too many.” "

The worst of the teacher attacks

The Courier-Mail included the following list which it claims are the worst of the attacks against teachers included in the data they obtained:

  • "Attacked by student, pushed against wall, throat held in strangle hold, multiple punches to head and body (Far North Queensland)
  • "Struck with iron bar to the left side of face by student (South East Queensland)
  • "Spat on in the face by a parent on school grounds (Central Queensland)
  • "14-year-old male student bit through a teacher’s jumper, puncturing their abdomen (North Coast region)
  • "Student threw an object, and sprayed a fire extinguisher at victim’s face (Metropolitan Brisbane)
  • "Threatened with a knife by student (Central Queensland)
  • "Student threw a whiteboard at a teacher (Metropolitan Brisbane)
  • "Victim was hit with a hard rock by a student (South East Queensland)
  • "Student brought weapon to school and made death threats (Darling Downs)
  • "Car stolen and house broken into (Far North Queensland)"


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