April 2, 2014

Disability Services Shake Up

Disability service providers in Warrnambool were warned to prepare for a competitive market from once the Commonwealth’s national disability insurance scheme starts in 2016. 

The Governement will give money direclty to families who will then need to shop around for the most competitve deal. The current system refers people to organisations that have funding for the services they need.

To gear up for the change groups will need to change from operating like welfare agencies to businesses.

State head of the industry group National Disability Services, James O’Brien, said, 

“It will ensure that families are not stuck waiting for services. Those services will be provided by services who will have to effectively compete,” . 

“Historically money has gone from government directly to services. It now goes to the person with disability or their families and they make the choice about which services best meet their individual needs. 

“There is a big challenge for disability service providers. A lot of organisations have to change the way they’ve done business in the past and that’s causing some stress.”

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