July 14, 2016

Focus on Customer Service Can Improve Care Experience 

'Organisations who provide high quality services with a consumer focus will flourish.' In a recent interview Sarah Warner of 
Home Instead Senior Care highlighted the importance of customer focused, person centrered care.

Home Instead Senior Care has a national network of 25 independently owned and operated offices in Australia with over 1,600 employees. Architecture and Design questioned Sarah about her views on the future for senior care in Australia. Her thoughts on good cutomer service are reflected by Maybo's Mark Wakelfield in one of his blogs  

Sarah was asked: How has senior care changed in Australia in the past 20 years?

The industry is in the middle of the most significant change in 20 years. Until very recently the industry focus was inward looking, made predominantly to the government-funded system that gave control of funds to the providers.

Since the Productivity Commission Enquiry into the industry in 2011 – Caring for older Australians – the government focus has dramatically moved towards our philosophy of care, namely ‘person centred care,’ whereby control of government funds is now with the senior and their family, so they can now have greater choice over the services, and service providers, they wish to choose. 

In addition, we have responded to a latent demand for private care services. With the implementation of income testing for home care services, many seniors were now not eligible for government services or simply prefer to have greater choice, control and extra services.

Government-funded home care services have also always been limited and as most people wish to continue to live at home as they age, the aged care market has started to accelerate as Australia’s population ages.

How do you think it will change in the next five years?

The industry has already begun to consolidate with less efficient organisations moving away from providing home care. This trend will continue and those organisations who provide high quality services with a consumer focus will flourish in a more competitive environment

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