March 10, 2012

London tube staff abused due to inaccurate public information

The Evening Standard reports on the abuse suffered by London Underground staff and cites a lack of accurate public information regarding service disruptions as a primary cause.

The article includes a quote from the RMT's general secretary who says:

"Abuse of service information to create a misleading picture as to what's running and what isn't immediatelly throws our members on the stations and platforms into a confrontational situation as angry passengers realise they have been mislead.

"We are calling for an end to this practice. You cannot cover up the impact of cuts to jobs and finances by throwing up a barrage of misinformation.

"It might suit the politicians and the senior managers but it's front line staff who are left to take the flack at station level."

London Underground is also accused of listing delays as "minor" when the service is actually in chaos or even suspended.

A union spokesman said: "Our representatives report a catalogue of abuse of service information which is directly leading to assaults and threats against staff caught in a web of misinformation."