November 19, 2012

Looking for Quality Training? Think 'Small' 

Personnel Today has published an interesting article using data from the managed learning services company KnowldgePool, indicating that the amount of money organisations invest in training does not necessarily equate to the quality of training they receive and that the size of the organisation delivering the training can impact on the quality of training. 

KnowledgePool's overview of the UK training supplier market found that average delegate ratings tended to be higher for smaller training companies, which also charged considerably less than large training providers.

The average rating for smaller training companies, classified as those with between three and 20 employees, was 4.5 out of five, with five being the highest score. This compared with 4.2 for training providers with more than 100 employees.

Larger companies' published day rates were £1,678 per day on average, while at small companies this was £1,266 - a difference of more than £400 per day. The average rate organisations ended up paying was £1,197 per day for a business trainer.

The report also indicated a wealth of experience in the UK training profession, with almost two-thirds (63.6%) of the trainers it surveyed having more than five years' experience. Interestingly, the larger the training provider, the less experienced the trainer is likely to be. Almost one-fifth of trainers at large organisations have less than three years' experience, compared with just 6% at small organisations.