March 28, 2018

Maybo launches its new eLearning training programmes on Positive Behaviour Support & Understanding Complex Behaviour

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new PBS eLearning programme that further supports the development of an NDIS workforce with the attitudes and skills that meet the needs of participants. The programme utilises Storyline 360, which allows the learner to interact with great content; it has a careful balance of graphics, videos, text, case-studies, exercises and questions to appeal to all learning styles, and can be hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS) or ours.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) & Complex Behaviours

The NDIS requires organization’s to have a consistent approach to quality and safeguarding, advancing the rights of people with disability.

Our Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) and Complex Behaviours programmes have been carefully designed for staff working in settings where there is an ongoing relationship with people who may present behaviours of concern.

Suitable for those supporting people within services such as residential care or educational settings who may be described as having an intellectual disability (ID), autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), mental health (MH) problems, social emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) or other special educational needs, our programmes are also suitable for families and family carers.

Complete flexibility to induct, develop and refresh the knowledge and understanding of direct care personnel in providing positive person centred support. Our modules include:

Promoting Human Rights and Positive Support is designed for both Intellectual Disability and Mental Health Services & Includes recognising and reducing Restrictive Practices. Consistent with the UN Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities and the State and Territory Governments commitment to reducing and eliminating the use of restrictive practices in the Disability sector.

Understanding Behaviour: A PBS Approach introduces PBS and looks at behaviour and its functions. Adopting an evidence based approach and addressing the underlying causes of behaviours of concern by understanding the function of the behaviour.

Supporting PBS in Practice focuses on using PBS tools to provide positive and safer care through observing, recording, planning and reinforcement. Fits within a Framework that supports staff to adopt best practice, ensures staff have access to educational resources on why we need to implement PBS to reduce or eliminate restrictive practice and improve quality of life.

Maybo Training 

We have been working with organisation’s caring for vulnerable people for over 20 years. Our train-the-trainer programmes, online resource centre, planning tools and elearning programmes in PBS and managing challenging behaviour are  in managing behaviours of concern and now our new PBS modules are some of the best on the market. 

Maybo offers a comprehensive and flexible training curriculum for services supporting people of all ages, whose needs can be complex and at times present behaviours of concern. We promote positive person-centred approaches including: 

Proactive Strategies: Focusing on reducing behaviours of concern through understanding and addressing the function of these, and providing active support. 

Reactive Strategies: Skills to contain and de-escalate and where necessary use interventions to contain and create safety.

If you would like to find out more or to try our new PBS eLearning, contact us today via email at or call Neil Warwick on 0427 097 133.