March 31, 2014

Mental Health Awareness Improving 

We may be more aware of mental health issues than ever before, but lack the confidence to both identify individuals with mental health issues and know how to respond appropriately.

A MindEd (a consortium of mental health experts) survey of more than 2,000 adults revealed that over one third of them would not be able to confidently identify a young person or a child with mental health issues. Just over a half of respondants who felt they could identify issues said they would still have concerns about apporaching the child or parents in case they were mistaken.

Mind Ed is funded by the Department of Health and helps those who work with young people recognise children who may be at risk and how to get them the support they need.

Conflict management training needs to take account of mental health awareness and the other issues that can affect behaviour such as alcohol and drug misuse. Maybo programmes can include specific training and scenarios for supporting people with learning disabilities, working with children and young adults and treating people with mental health or substance misuse issues.