July 14, 2016

Move to More Dementia Friendly Councils

A new toolkit developed by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic has been launched to assist councils to make their local community more dementia-friendly.

The toolkit, ‘Creating dementia-friendly communities: a toolkit for local government’, provides information, resources and guidance for building on existing infrastructure, systems and services.

According to general manager o learning and development, Dr David Sykes, local councils are ideally placed to ensure that communities are inclusive and supportive of all citizens, including people living with dementia.

UK dementia expert Philly Hare,

who sits on the Prime Minister’s Dementia Champions Working Group in the UK and has a particular interest in the empowerment and inclusion of people with dementia, helped launch the toolkit. 

Speaking to DPS News, Dr Sykes said, “We are keen for the toolkit to help council staff to understand that in partnership with people living with dementia they can become more dementia-friendly without having a big budget to work with.”

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