November 23, 2015

New Sentencing Guidelines Set to Revolutionise Punishment for H&S Offences

In SHP Online Simon Joyston-Bechal, from health and safety lawyers, Turnstone Law, summarises the key changes in the new Sentencing Council guidelines being introduced in February 2016 for health and safety offences.

The useful insight highlights five key changes, namely:

1. Allocation of a 'culpability factor' from high to low

2. Shift from outcome based sentencing to risk based sentencing, with punishment much more closely fitting the level of exposure to risk

3. Designating likelihood of harm as high, medium or low

4. Extrapolation of fines for organisations whose turnover very greatly exceeds £50million

5. Lower threshold for imprisonment

In summary, Simon believes the changes are rational and well intended but may lead to greater fines and more people being imprisoned for Health and Safety offences.

Sentencing Council Guidelines

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