December 6, 2012

Ofsted: Children tell us, train staff so they don't need to use restraint

Earlier this week (4th December) the Office of the Children’s Rights Director has published a report calledChildren’s views on restraint.

Children’s Rights Director, Roger Morgan, has not added his views to the report, he has used direct quotes from the 94 children he and his team spoke to as part of the consultation. Overall children agreed that restraint should only be used as a last resort. Every group said staff should always try to calm things down before things get too bad that restraint is needed.

Background: In 2004 Ofsted asked children for their views about physical restraint and published our last report about this. Children have raised concerns about restraint in consultations we have held about other things since then, and we decided we should carry out a follow-up consultation to check what children now think about restraint. So we consulted children again this year to find out their views and concerns about restraint. This report gives their views in 2012.