November 12, 2014

One in Four Social Workers Experience Physical Abuse: Service Users with Dementia and Autism Most Likely to Assault

A Skills for Care a survey of 1,300 frontline social workers and carers in adult care settings found that those working with dementia were most likely to be physically assaulted.

The research also found that their employers were least likely to have a policy in place around dealing with abuse or violence.

The responses from frontline workers revealed that although abuse and violence towards staff comes mainly from people receiving care and support, nearly one-in-five recent incidents are attributed to family and friends, and one-in-twenty from other staff members.

The report includes recommendations for a range of mechanisms to support staff, such as effective management and supervision, clear systems for reporting incidents, structured training programmes (especially for those working with people with autism, dementia and learning disabilities) and practical help when incidents occur- ranging from time-out, a break to recover, counselling or further training.

Maybo training for managing behaviours that challenge

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