July 20, 2016

Over 75's Responsible for More than Half of NHS Physical Assaults 

The BBC reports that latest figures gathered by NHS Protect have revealed that older patients are responsible for the majority of physical assaults on staff working for the NHS in England.

NHS Protect, which leads on work to identify and tackle crime across the health service, looked at thousands of incidents, ranging from bites and pinches to the most serious attacks on medical staff and says theirs is the most detailed review to date of violence directed at NHS workers.

Over 75s accounted for 57% of violent incidents on wards between 2010 and 2015. However, according to figures from the Health and Social Care information Centre, in the same five-year period, people over 75 made up about 24% of patients being treated by hospital consultants at any one time. This suggests a disproportionate number of incidents on wards involved older people.

NHS Protect says the stress and confusion of a hospital stay may explain the findings.

Maybo training for hospital staff

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