December 16, 2015

Physically Assaulted by Drunks Say Two Thirds of Scottish Ambulance Staff

More than 600 frontline ambulance crew and 999 call handlers responded to a survey carried out by the Scottish Ambulance Service, in partnership with Alcohol Focus Scotland which has revealed that with two thirds of them (62 per cent) report being physically assaulted by members of the public who have had too much to drink.

During weekdays, one in six incidents (17 per cent) involve alcohol, rising to almost half (42 per cent) on weekday nights and a rise of up to 20% is expected over the Christmas and New Year period.

A quarter of responses to slips, trips or falls are alcohol related and it is seen to be a factor in almost half of responses to assaults.

The Scotsman spoke to Chief Executive of the Scottish Ambulance Service, Pauline Howie whoi said, “The survey reveals the burden that alcohol puts on ambulance staff across the country. They are highly trained emergency clinicians and are frustrated that so much of their time is spent dealing with patients who are simply intoxicated. On top of that they have to deal with the violence and aggression that goes so often with alcohol misuse.

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