March 10, 2012

NHS Confederation publish draft report: 'Delivering Dignity: Securing dignity in care for older people in hospitals and care homes'

The Commission on dignity in care released its draft report and recommendations for public consultation on Wednesday on 29 February 2012. 

Key recommendations for hospitals include:

  • "All hospital staff must take personal responsibility for putting the person receiving care first"
  • "Hospitals should see older people’s families, friends and carers as partners in care"
  • "Hospitals should introduce facilitated, practice-based development programmes – ‘learning through doing’ – to ensure staff caring for older people are given the confidence, support and skills to do the right thing for their patients"

Key recommendations for care homes include:

  • "Care home providers should invest in support and regular training for their managers. Local authorities have an important role to play in facilitating this as commissioners of care"
  • "Care homes need to work with residents to create an environment that make their lives happy, varied, stimulating, fulfilling and dignified"
  • "The Government should establish a Care Quality Forum (in parallel with the Nursing Quality Forum) to look at all aspects of care home staffing"