August 5, 2016

School 'physical misconduct' figures down

Reporting on the latest school suspension figures The Canberra Times highlights that although the overall figure has risen bu 9 per cent, the number of days away from school fro physical misconduct has fallen.

Speaking to 'The Times' Education Minister Shane Rattenbury welcomed the drop in the physical-related suspensions, saying schools were required to put in place social emotional learning programs and also evaluate their procedures to address bullying, harassment and violence.

He went on to say that the implementation of a new positive behaviour framework in schools, which was a part of the recommendations from the Schools for All report, released last year, on students with complex needs and challenging behaviour, was expected to change both students' behaviours and schools' responses to these challenging actions.

An Education Directorate spokesman told the Canberra Times reporter that schools worked with children with these difficult behaviours to develop a positive behaviour plan, which included relaxing or physical activities to help them "recalibrate" their behaviour.

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