July 25, 2016

School Suspensions for Bad Behaviour Reach Record Levels

Latest figures from the Education Department reveal an increase of more than 1,000 suspensions from public schools for bad behaviour compared to 2014 levels.

 Almost one-third of all suspensions were for hurting or threatening other students, 27 per cent were for violating school rules and 15 per cent for abusing or harassing school staff.

Suspension notices issued for physically assaulting or intimidating other students jumped more than 1,500 to 9,794.

Speaking to The West Australian, State School Teachers Union president Pat Byrne said it was alarming that so many suspensions were for physical assault. 

“There has been an increase in student violence in relation to attacks on teachers and other students,” she said. “We need to be looking seriously at programs designed to target those students and prevent them from engaging in that sort of behaviour.”