September 23, 2013

SIA Announces Vulnerable People Training For Door Supervisors

The Security Industry Authority in association with Northumbria Police has announced the national roll-out of training for door supervisors on the issue of vulnerable people.

The new content will be incorporated into the current mandatory SIA developed training modules for door supervisors from 1 November 2013.

The training will cover:

  • Identifying vulnerable people.
  • Understanding the risks to vulnerable people being ejected from, or refused entry to, a venue, and what actions can be taken to protect them.
  • Identifying the behaviour of sexual predators.
  • Identifying and knowing how to report indicators of child sexual exploitation.

The additional course material will ensure door supervisors can identify vulnerable people and know what steps to take to help protect them.

Those trained will assess triggers of vulnerability, these include: the amount of alcohol someone has consumed, their age, whether they are on their own or have lost contact with their friends, the surrounding environment and weather conditions.

The training has been developed as a result of a partnership between the SIA, Northumbria Police, Safe Newcastle and Phoenix Security.

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