February 17, 2016

Staff Abuse Unreported in NSW Aged Care Says Survey

Over 90 per cent of nurses interviewed for the latest NSW Nursing and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) survey have been subject to some form of aggression from residents in their workplace. Equally alarming is that 61 per cent feared repercussions if they reported an incident of assault against them.

The Northern Star spoke to Judith Kiejda, NSWNMA acting general secretary who said, "We're talking about physical abuse such as hitting, pushing, kicking, as well as verbal abuse in these residential aged care facilities.

"There must be an effective system in place to keep both aged care residents and staff protected from physical or verbal attack.  We are calling for better staff training and the establishment of a federal regulatory framework so that aged care providers clearly understand what constitutes elder abuse and outlines best practices to eliminate it."

 Maybo training for community and residential care staff 

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