November 17, 2014

Teachers Regularly Face Violence and Aggression From Pupils

'The Gazette' reveals that teachers and other school staff in Renfrewshire schools have faced almost 300 incidents of threats, physical assault and verbal abuse.

The Freedom of Information Request showed 183 of the incidents were against teachers, 57 of which were physical.

One teacher reported having a stone thrown at their head, while others reported being kicked, pushed and even spat on.

Around a third of Scottish councils have reported a rise in the number of assaults by pupils on teachers over the last three years.

According to 'The Gazette' a spokesman for Renfrewshire Council insisted the local figures don’t give an “accurate reflection” of the position in the county compared to other local authorities and don’t accurately represent the level of violence within local schools.

He continued: “We do all we can to minimise attacks and to protect and support our employees and this approach means we encourage all our employees to report any type of incident. 

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