January 8, 2017

Three workers injured breaking up fight at juvenile justice centre on NSW Central Coast

ABC reports that three juvenile justice workers have been injured while trying to break up a fight between inmates at the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre on the New South Wales Central Coast:


In a statement, New South Wales Juvenile Justice said the three staff members were trying to defuse a fight at the facility at Kariong yesterday afternoon.

The ABC understands one of the workers was taken to Gosford Hospital for emergency leg surgery.

The other officers also had to receive medical attention.

Juvenile Justice said they would review the incident, which also led the Prison Workers Union to call on the New South Wales Government to introduce better protections for juvenile justice workers.

Public Service Association spokesman Stewart Little said staff needed to be able to feel safer in their workplace.

"We're calling on the Government to provide a purpose-built facility and specific training to deal with violent juvenile offenders," he said.

Mr Little said staff and inmates would be better protected if juveniles convicted for violent crimes were kept separate.

"This is just the latest assault in a series of assaults that have occurred within the juvenile facility," he said.

"It's just simply not good enough to have violent offenders and offenders that have been charged with very serious crimes such as terrorist-related activity and to have them housed with the general juvenile facility."