May 11, 2015

Victorian Healthcare Workers Face Unnecessary Levels of Occupational Violence Risk

A report released on 6th May by John Doyle, the Victorian Auditor General, has revealed healthcare workers and Ambulance Victoria staff are exposed to high levels of occupational violence that could be prevented.

John Doyle's Occupational Violence Against Healthcare Workers report points to systemic failures in relation to collecting, analysing and reporting quality data across all of the agencies audited. The occupational health and safety regulator, Worksafe, and DHHS are also criticised for being slow to identify violence as an area of high risk and failing to provide strong, sector wide leadership.

On training, Mr Doyle commented, 'Training is inadequate across the board, particularly in relation to conduction investigations. ...Given that managing challenging behaviours is an integral part of providing care to ill patients, it is concerning that training to prevent and manage occupational violence is not given higher priority.'  

The report gives ten 10 recommendations aimed at better protecting healthcare workers and John Doyle has commented that he, 'Intends to maintain a strong ongoing focus on the health and safety of healthcare workers and the patients they treat.' And will, 'Follow up with the audited agencies in two years to determine whether—and how effectively—my recommendations have been addressed.'

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