April 23, 2015

Violence Escalates in Victorian Hospitals 

A new survey from Monash University has revealed that healthcare staff in Victorian Hospitals are being punched, strangled and kicked on a weekly basis.

The 5,000 nurses and midwives included in the survey said patients and their relatives caused many of the incidents with the prevalence of the ice also being blamed for the increase in outbursts. 

In recent months, the ANF has also received 23 reports from nurses of violence or aggression at a regional aged care facility and nurses had to call police after a patient on ice at a city hospital became violent.

Lead researcher Professor Helen De Cieri from Monash University said about 60 per cent (2998 of the nurses and midwives) surveyed had experienced some kind of workplace injury or illness in the past 12 months.

A quarter were subjected to regular episodes of violence and aggression with personal carers and enrolled nurses more likely to be victims.

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