October 27, 2014

Violent Attack: Prison Officer Awarded Compensation 

A prison officer who was violently attacked at Wetherby Young Offender Institution has been awarded more than £50,000 in compensation.

After serving over 24 years in the prison service, officer Keith Nyberg said he felt forced to retire following the trauma of the incident which occurred in August 2010.

He was undertaking a routine cell check when the prisoner became threatening and violent. Nyberg attempted to restrain the prisoner but was bitten on the chest, punched in the face, had his eyes gouged and was kicked. 

The Wetherby News spoke to Trevor Hall from Thompsons Solicitors, who said: “This incident shows a failure to ensure basic workplace safety standards, which seems incomprehensible given the nature of the work.”

And a prison service spokesman who responded, “All prison staff do an excellent job and their safety and security is of paramount importance." 

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