Conflict Resolution and Assault Avoidance Training for Healthcare Staff

“Maybo has worked with us to develop effective, evidence based violence reduction programmes for healthcare settings”

Healthcare staff can experience verbal abuse and assaults when working in the community or hospital settings. Risks are often related to a patients or service users situation which may be unpredictable due to an acute medical condition or mental health issue, such as dementia.

Reducing restrictive practise

Most effective in reducing risks and the number and severity of incidents is a considered approach to conflict resolution that develops awareness and safer working practices whilst contributing to positive relationships, rather than confrontation.

Flexible, risk based solutions

Our conflict resolution training provides highly relevant, practical strategies and skills that have been shown to be effective in the workplace.

As sector specialists, we are able to advise on violence reduction related policy, risk management and guidance and can also help you to establish the priorities and levels of conflict resolution and physical intervention training required, based on the type and levels of risk  staff are exposed to.  Our  programme content is tailored to the specific needs of staff and takes into account their role and the services they deliver, the patients they care for and the type of conflict situations they face. This approach, combined with flexible delivery, offers a cost effective training strategy that can include self study, e-learning, trainer trainingand practical skills workshops and can be supported by workplace coaching and problem solving.

Hospital Code Grey & Code Black

Maybo's bespoke training programme helps security and clinical staff teams work together to reduce clinically related challenging behaviours and assaults. We focus on alternative strategies to reduce the use of restraint and ensure patient safety and dignity is maintained, when intervention is necessary.

Code Grey

Code Grey is becoming the preferred response of the hospital sector for managing patients that exhibit behavior that is difficult to manage. This will usually mean that the patient is showing signs of aggression that the frontline staff have assessed as needing an increased level of response; this may ultimately result in the use of methods of restraint that include Chemical, Mechanical or Physical restraint. Code Grey is seen as a clinical response to threats where there are no weapons involved. Maybo are experts at providing training to staff in recognising and managing conflict as well as providing the necessary physical skills for staff to manage difficult patients safely and with dignity. We are already working with a number of hospitals to train security and clinical staff with these skills to maintain safety for all.

Code Grey is not a panacea to reduce the levels of violence or aggression in the health care sector but it is a useful tool in protecting valuable health care staff, along side increased staff training for front line staff.

Code Black

Code Black is the response that has been nationally defined in the document “AS 4083-2010 Planning for emergencies- Health care facilities”.  Code Black is defined as “Personal Threat (Armed or Unarmed Persons Threatening Injury to Others or to Themselves), or illegal occupancy”. This response was often used prior to the development of Code Grey as there was no other appropriate code response. However this is often seen as a security issue and is dealt with as such. A Code Grey is seen, as a clinician led response; however there is likely to be a member of security as part of this response team.

Our SAFER approach™ has been shown to reduce physical assaults in hospital settings and is being used to train Code Grey and Black teams. It emphasises the need for proactive, positive action in diffusing difficult situations without the need for physical interventions. Staff are trained to understand behaviour and develop communication and de-escalation skills as well as strategies to maintain their own safety.

We also provide appropriate disengagement skills to enable staff to manage aggression directed towards them. Our suite of physical skillsincludes enhanced holding techniques where these are required by the Code Grey and security teams. All our techniques are non pain compliant to maintain patient dignity and have been independently risk assessed.

The course includes training to enable staff to confidentely:

  • Recognise, prevent and defuse conflict and challenging behaviours 

  • Avoid clinically related assaults through safer positioning and working practices

  • Safely guide and re-direct confused patients 

  • Use safer holding skills

Guidance on how to reduce risks of harm to confused and vulnerable patients plus practical skills, such as positioning awareness and simple re-direction and guiding are included to help staff exposed to higher levels of challenging behaviour reduce the risk of assault when going about tasks in close proximity to patients.

In 2010 Maybo Chairman, Bill Fox, chaired the project groups that produced the national guidance for healthcare organisations on reducing risk in the security function, 'Physical Intervention: Reducing Risk'. 

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