Fire Service Medical Response Training

Maybo works with many ambulance services throughout Australia and New Zealand, supporting their staff to develop safer responses to conflict triggered by clinical conditions, others at the scene (such as friends and relatives), mental illness or substance misuse.

These skills are invaluable to fire crews too, who as first responders to emergency calls will encounter similar challenges. Our behavioural recognitions skills and deescalation techniques support safer managemenbt of conflict, enabling professionals to focus on their key role of saving and preserving endagered lives and protecting environments from the hazardous effects of fire. 

Our comprehensive conflict management and physical skills programmes develop strategies to avoid or curtail incidents and are closely tailored to take into account the needs of staff , the differing situations in which they may find themselves and their already considerable knowledge and skills.

Maybo's Fire and Medical Response Training includes:

  1. Approach and dynamic risk assessment
  2. Practical de-escalation skills and managing anxiety and hostility from bystanders
  3. Handling people under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances
  4. Understanding and reducing vulnerability to clinical 'assaults' i.e. patients who are 'confused' due to their condition, 'lashing out'
  5. Dealing with vulnerable people such as those with Dementia or acute mental health issues
  6. Disengagement and exit strategies

Our programmes and delivery options allow you to select the level of training your staff need, delivered the way that best fits with operational demands.