Managing Challenging Behaviour - Schools and Higher Education

“Maybo’s non verbal communication signals have made a real difference to the way our staff are managing difficult situations. The training has changed the way we look at managing behaviours that challenge and has led to some very positive results.”


Positive behaviour support

We work closely with teachers to reduce the risks and impact and costs of conflict and violence, inside and outside of the classroom. Our specially developed training programs build on the skills and experience school staff have to give them simple strategies and greater confidence to reduce and manage challlenging behaviour. Maybo helps educators to meet their duty of care and regulatory requirements whilst promoting positive values and relationships.

Challenging behaviour training - The effective, relevant training solution

Training staff is a vital ingredient needed to safeguard pupils and support positive learning environments. However, if training is to make a real difference it must be relevant, flexible, affordable and based on principles that promote organisational policies and positive values. Our work with schools has identified four primary situations where conflict and violence occur:

  • Communicating with aggressive parents
  • Dealing with trespassers on school grounds
  • Responding to challenging behaviour from pupils towards staff
  • Resolving a confrontation between pupils                                                                           
  • Communicating with aggressive parents
  • Dealing with trespassers on school grounds
  • Responding to challenging behaviour from pupils towards staff

Endorsed Course Content

Maybo Australia is a NSW Institute of Teachers’ endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for the maintenance of accreditation at Proficient Teacher.


The scope of endorsement for Maybo Australia is for:

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the level of Proficient Teacher

  • 1.5.2, 1.6.2, 3.5.2, 4.1.2, 4.3.2, 4.4.2, 7.3.2 for the course Conflict Management

  • 3.5.2, 4.3.2, 4.4.2, 7.1.2 for the course Disengagement and Assault Avoidance Skills

Please click here for details on the standard course descriptors specified above and for a course summary. 

Please get in touch to book your training. Our courses help staff to cope with difficult and aggressive behaviours from pupils and parents and for NSW teachers count towards CPD hours too. Teachers outside of NSW will benefit from attending Maybo courses but will not not be eligible for CPD points.

Proven Results

Following Maybo training in a school with resourced provision for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties:

  • The number of incidents of challenging behaviour reduced by nearly 40%

  • Pupil behaviour improved (reward time earned increased by more than 10%)

  • The number of incidents of seriously challenging behaviour (that required more than 30 minutes to resolve) dropped by 80%

  • The number of incidents of physical intervention dropped by more than 80%

This statistical evidence of the effectiveness of our training is supported by observation of how staff behaviour changed following the training: 

  • Staff made more use of effective proactive prevention techniques, instead of relying on strategies to handle conflict when it occurred

  • Staff changed their body language to help them remain calm and to avoid displaying aggressive signals

  • Staff gave children more options and more responsibility to enable them to find their own resolution to difficulties.

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