Schools click with conflict management

Maybo is supporting school staff in East Sussex by offering a free trial of its online package to help staff manage difficult behaviour in the classroom.

Health and Safety Co-ordinators from primary and secondary schools across the County attended local seminars to experience first hand Maybo’s online conflict awareness and conflict management modules, designed to pass on to teachers simple techniques to defuse potential conflict situations.

The conflict management programme focuses on de-escalation and calming the situation so that an incident is avoided. The programme has been proven to be effective in schools, increasing staff confidence to manage challenging behaviour effectively. The online method of learning for conflict management is particularly suited to the school environment as learners can log on at a time to suit them and complete the modules in short sessions.

The programme is also a valuable resource for other school staff: teaching assistants; caretakers; school crossing patrol staff who can encounter verbal abuse and even physical assault from pupils, ex pupils, parents, uninvited guests or motorists. 

If some staff should require physical breakaway or holding skills these can be acquired through face to face workshops building on the conflict management knowledge gained through completing the online programme.

Contact us for a free trial of our online programme.