New Skills Give Care Staff Confident and Professional Response to Challenging Bahaviours

Sonali Pinto, Dementia Care Consultantfor Southern Cross Care, introduced Maybo's new techniques to the organisation two years ago after eight staff completed a train-the-trainer course.The organisation is now looking at training other staff because of the resulting benefits in managing challenging behaviours.

Sonali reports the training has been especially useful where staff cannot use language to change or alleviate a situation and where verbal conflict management techniques don’t work. Through the use of physical avoidance techniques such as positioning and low arousal skills for safer guiding and redirecting, staff and residents have reported feeling much safer. Staff were also receptive to using the disengagement skills - a non-aggressive, low arousal skills set that covers the most common risk scenarios staff encounter.This involves learning and understanding the way in which the body moves and being able to move with it, rather than against it. It allows staff to be able to deflect flailing arms or release grips if a resident grabs a carer’s clothes or hands. Differences are immediately apparent when staff use these techniques as they learn how to use natural movements and leverage and not force. They discover how little pressure is required when they have to make contact with fragile limbs and soft tissue (i.e. no more than you would use when holding a sandwich).

Being able to manage challenging behaviours safely meant staff gained a sense of pride and self-esteem. Where previously they may have frozen in the face of thesebehaviours, they now respond confidently and professionally.

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