Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour Bring Positive Results

Only months after Maybo training to manage challenging behaviours and aggression from residents with denmentia, care staff reported significant decreases in the numbers of incidents.

Gillian McGinty, General Manager of Boandik Lodge in South Australia’s Mt Gambier, decided in 2011 that a review of care practices was needed to decrease the number of accidents and injuries to staff working with residents living with dementia. The incidents were impacting staff and resident well-being. The facility was seeing more injuries and incident forms as a result of incidents involving physical aggression by residents and was looking at ways of reducing that and teaching staff how to approach residents in a different way.

Trauma informed care

In August 2011, eight staff from Boandik Lodge took part in a Maybo train-the-trainer program and then instructed the rest of the organisation’s 200 staff in the techniques.

Just months after training was completed in October 2012, results were already being seen, with an immediate minor reduction in incidents. Previously, there were about 4.5 incidents per month as a result of resident behaviour. That was reduced to about three incidents per month in the first period after training and it is now down to 1.6 injuries per month.

The lodge is also monitoring incident forms and when staff do report an injury they are asked if they used the techniques, which acts as a reminder that they may have been able to do things differently.