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Maybo - Leaders in Conflict Management Training


Tailored training programmes for challenging behaviour

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

Enabling staff to identify and reduce conflict and risk and influence a safe and positive outcome in a difficult situation.

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Assault Avoidance & Disengagement

Showing staff how they can reduce vulnerability to assault during their work and disengage from risk situations.

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Restrictive Physical Intervention

Teaching physical responses, only where needed, that are non-aggressive, low arousal, professional, safer and effective.

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Specialist Training Programmes

Training programmes for specialist roles, such as supervisors, managers and incident response teams.

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Identifying and meeting your specific risks and needs


Consideration of specific environmental and service user factors that affect the skills and knowledge needed by staff.

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Review of the behaviours presented by service users, their underlying causes and associated risks for staff, service users and the organisation itself.

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Understand the role performed and expectations of staff. Review the specific tasks and activities undertaken and any inherent risks.

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Flexible, blended learning delivered by Maybo, or by you

Course Based Training

Maybo training workshops tailored to address the unique challenges and scenarios faced by the specific staff group.

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Workplace Presentations & Coaching

Toolbox inputs supporting workplace delivery of inductions and refresher training. Plus a unique skills coaching and problem solving model that allows in house 'champions' to provide localised help.

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E-learning & Self-study Workbooks

Easy to follow, engaging e-learning and workbooks for staff to complete at their own pace.

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Trainer Training

Trainer development programmes enabling organisations to deliver Maybo's superb courses themselves to employees and partner organisations.

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Transfer to workplace, integration and behaviour change


Comprehensive survey and evaluation tools.

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Integrated Approach

Bespoke design options and integration with workplace learning strategy and violence reduction policy.

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Support with all aspects of violence reduction policy, risk assessments and control measures.

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A wealth of management tools and resources available to employers and their managers.

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Outcome focused to create safer, positive environments

Fewer and less severe incidents

"Maybo's training has resulted in far fewer incidents" Frimley Park Hospital

"Incidents are now more often calmed and dealt with without aggression. Maybo's training has led to some very positive results.” Downs Park School

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More confident and capable staff

“The training has increased staff confidence and supports our colleagues in spotting signs and trigger points before a situation escalates” Cornwall Care

“The courses give customer facing staff workable tools to deal with difficult situations” First Group

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Less risk for the organisation

“Maybo training gives you peace of mind that your staff will be safer” City of Westminster

“Maybo designed a course that is ideal for our organisation and meets the national qualification standards we were after” Durham County Council

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A safer and more positive service user experience

“Maybo have created us a flexible, service user focused conflict management programme” Turning Point

"Maybo's training approach has made a difference to the care of our patients” The Huntercombe Group

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