Personal Safety, Conflict and Challenging Behaviour eLearning

Our online conflict management and personal safety programmes use modern imagery, realistic scenarios and interactive exercises that engage learners at a personal level and utilise a mix of learning styles to offer a real alternative to face to face courses at awareness level.

eLearning can play a valuable role within a blended learning strategy or provide a complete solution for developing staff abilities in managing conflict. It also works well for induction, refresher and as pre-learning for a skills workshop.

Two core prorammes are available. Conflict and Challenging Behaviour Awareness for those working in healthcare, education and social care settings and Personal Safety and Conflict Awareness for staff working in councils, housing, retail, transport and other sectors. Our specialist Lone Worker module is available for use with both programmes and leads users to create a personal risk reduction action plan.   

Maybo's eLearning programmes provide high quality and flexibility at an affordable price and can include a management system to track and monitor learners' progress.

Take a tour of our demonstration for more details on the full programme content, sample exercises and technical specification or contact us for more inforamtion and to discover how eLearning can make a contribution to violence risk reduction in your organisation.


How can eLearning benefit your organisation?

Organisations are increasingly seeking flexible and blended training solutions. eLearning can make an important contribution to 4 key areas:

  • To induct new staff, providing immediate knowledge ahead of their first day on the job, rather than having to wait for a training course
  • As pre-course study to reduce course durations/abstraction time and/or to allow more time on training courses for practical application and skills development
  • To refresh and update knowledge
  • To provide personal safety and conflict awareness training to staff in low risk roles who wouldn't otherwise receive any training in this area

Maybo's approach to online conflict management programmes

Our eLearning programmes have been designed in partnership with our clients by the same leading specialists who design all of our training. As such the philosophy of our eLearning programmes is consistent with the values we apply to all our training:

  • Primary focus is on recognising and reducing conflict and risk
  • A positive approach that builds on confidence in dealing with difficult conversations and situations
  • Encourages positive communication and proactive service delivery
  • Integrates seamlessly with Maybo's other training resources and courses

Maybo's conflict management eLearning programmes

We have a range of eLearning programmes suitable for staff in a wide range of roles and sectors. Available modules include:

  • Recognise and reduce risk
  • Understand human behaviour
  • Positive interactions and choices
  • Defuse, calm and resolve
  • Personal safety awareness
  • Lone Working

Key features of Maybo's eLearning 

  • Maps to National Occupational Standards and best practice
  • Produced by Maybo's leading team of conflict management trainers, practitioners and genuine subject specialists
  • Engaging and interactive to appeal to different learning styles
  • Full voice-over, particularly beneficial for learners with English as a second language and for pacing the speed of learning
  • Utilises the latest eLearning technology
  • Versatile platforms - works on PCs, Macs and tablets, including iPads, so that learning can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • SCORM compliant and can come with Maybo's outstanding LMS or can plug into your own in-house systems
  • Modular 'book marked' approach for convenience and flexibility
  • Each module is fully assessed and progress recorded
  • Can include you organisation's branding
  • Flexible payment options - pay per user, pay a one-off organisational fee for unlimited use or spread payments. Cost reductions can be achived when using eLearning as part of a blended learning package. Contact us now for a quote

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