Learning Management System Overview

Maybo's eLearning products can be provided to your organisation together with an advanced learning management system, giving you full control and many fantastic features. Alternatively we can provide you with standalone SCORM compliant content that you can plug straight in to your own system. 

Key features of Maybo's Learning Management System (LMS)

Branding - Your Maybo LMS can be fully branded with your logo and corporate colours/images.

White labelling - The website address can be tailored to include your organisation's name (e.g. companyname.maybo.com.au) or can actually sit within your domain name (elearning.companyname.com.au).

Bespoke content - Include your own content in Maybo's programmes, such as important policy and guidance documents. Files can include Word, PowerPoint and PDF Documents, Video and Audio files, Text, Images and SCORM content.

Bespoke Tests - You can add additional tests or just individual questions to Maybo's programmes. For example, you may wish to ask your learners specific questions about your standard operating procedures or key policies.

Bespoke Surveys - You can add your own survey questions to Maybo's core pre and post-course surveys, or can add a new survey altogether to gain a unique insight into your learners' experiences and perceptions.

eCommerce - Perhaps you would like each department in your organisation to pay for individual user licenses, or would like to extend the eLearning to key partner organisations. No problem, we can set up an online shop where users can purchase access direct to your Maybo courses. All you need is a PayPal account.

User Creation - Invite new users via their email address, create new users in large batches with just a few clicks by uploading a simple spreadsheet, create User Groups so you can easily differentiate between different departments, job roles, regions, etc.

Reporting - Run a wide range of reports including Course and User Status', Training Histories and Survey Responses. Filter your reports by group or any other user attribute (e.g. department, job role, etc). 

Dashboards - See a snapshot of all user activity in a live dashboard with simple graphs and charts.

Messages - Show messages to individual users or groups of users.

Chat - Use the optional 'chat' feature to enable users to engage in live chat with other users or administrators.

Languages - The system is available in English, French and Spanish. Your overall system will have a default languague, but you can assign users a different language on an individual or group basis and users can change their own language settings themselves.

System requirements

Maybo's Learning Management System is a secure, cloud based system accessible from any device with an internet connection and any of the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later, Google Chrome, Opera 9.5 and later.

Try it now

Contact us for immediate access to a demo site where you can test all of the many features of our learning management system.