Flexible, blended learning delivered by Maybo, or by you

Maybo draws upon more than 15 years’ experience working with employers to deliver flexible, cost effective learning solutions that deliver the positive outcomes and results our client’s demand. 

Once we have established the level and content of training required by each service and staff group we work together to identify the best methods of delivering and embedding learning. Sometimes this can involve a blend of methods, combining for example:

  • Training courses delivered on site, by our trainers or yours
  •  Self-study resources and e-learning to increase knowledge and awareness. This can fully meet the needs of lower risk groups and be the starting point for others that go on to a training course
  • Workplace presentation and coaching tools that can be delivered locally by your managers or champions and help to maintain knowledge and skills and problem solve local issues

From induction through to refresher training and workplace development, Maybo can provide a bespoke blend of learning and accreditations to meet your needs and delivery preferences.

Our standard blended learning solutions already provide great flexibility for organisations of all sizes and allow significant tailoring for each client to ensure their relevance and fit.

Some clients want completely bespoke learning solutions and Maybo has produced extraordinary programmes for some of the World’s leading brands.

Whatever your organisation’s size and however complex your needs Maybo has the expertise and resources to create something special.

Contact us to learn more about how a blended learning solution can enable you to provide all your staff with the different skills they need in a way that minimises abstraction and maximises the value of your investment.

Training Courses

Maybo designs and delivers training to meet your requirements and can deliver direct to your staff whenever and wherever you need it. We take time to understand your training needs and the unique challenges and scenarios your colleagues and service users face to ensure our courses are highly relevant. Learners receive superb resources and certificates with a range of accreditation and qualification options.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that Maybo has the resilience to ensure every course runs on time, every time and with the right trainer for the job. We train over 40,000 people a year in their workplaces throughout the whole of the UK and Ireland. Our prices stay the same wherever the course is to be delivered and our extensive team of specialist trainers in each sector and region of the UK enable us to deliver as many courses on any particular day as you need.

Our training includes as standard:

  • A training needs analysis to determine the best training programme for your staff
  • A course delivered by one of our specialists on your premises
  • Superb workbooks for each delegate
  • A nationally recognised Maybo certificate for each member of staff
  • A detailed course feedback report including delegate feedback on the course, our trainer's feedback and recommendations from our specialists

Maybo trainers are well qualified and have first-hand operational experience in managing conflict. They are also skilled facilitators who respect and draw upon the experiences of learners.

Clients receive consistently high levels of support and feedback from our support team and on-going help with policy and guidance.

Contact us to discuss the training options available to you.

Self-study through e-learning or workbooks

Self-study options may provide the complete solution for developing staff abilities in managing conflict or play a valuable role within a blended learning strategy.

Maybo offers a range of online training which can be provided with:

  • Our bespoke Learning Management System (LMS) to provide full tracking and reporting, hosted by us with secure access through your intranet
  • Learning modules that can sit on your systems and ‘plug in’ to your LMS

Maybo e-learning modules allow you to:

  • Include your branding and key policy messages
  • Induct staff and top up and refresh knowledge at work or from home
  • Deliver underpinning knowledge to reduce training time and allow more skills practice
  • Meet the needs of lower risk staff and free up courses for staff most at risk
  • Increase awareness of conflict amongst all your staff from as little as £3 per head

To view a demonstration of our self-study e-learning or workbook resources please contact us

Workplace Coaching and Presentations

Maybo recognises that awareness levels and psychomotor skills soon fade and that local services need support from time to time to deal with new challenges. We have therefore developed a leading edge skills coaching and problem solving model that allows local champions to refresh peoples' skills in the workplace and help resolve problems as they arise and before they become chronic.

Combined with our comprehensive workplace learning resources and e-learning our clients know that their investment in training is sustainable in the mid to long term.

We can train nominated individuals in your organisation to coach our skills set and equip them with an extensive range of interactive paper-based and online resources, including a full library of video clips or all our physical intervention skills. Together with our coaching model they will have the confidence and competence to support frontline staff with post-incident learning, problem solving and refreshing their skills. 

This approach has proved particularly effective at supporting the transfer of knowledge and skills learnt on training courses into the workplace, enabling frontline staff to discuss with their peers how to apply the learning from the training to better protect themselves and their service users. 

To find out more about how our coaching model and resources can bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace please get in touch.